July 24, 2014


shirt form Miss Selfrige, Pants from H&M, Belt vintage, Clutch from Georgia Mae Designs

All black is a new favorite, anything slick and cool is what I'm starting to gravitate towards as well. I think my new art collection 'PALA' is taking a toll on my closet. I feel like I'm channeling a panther with this look, and I don't think that's a bad thing! I'm not sure if I got to rave over this faux fur clutch in my last post.. But IT'S MY NEW FAVORITE ACCESSORY EVER. 

July 22, 2014


stripped bralette from F21, fur clutch from GEORGIA MAE DESIGNS

I've been contemplating what i wanted to do. I'm bored of not posting on here, I miss my blog. So I'll just stick to this. I've missed that seams lovely. I'm pretty fickle. But I just settled on sticking to what I love and that's my style blog :) I'm keeping Bekarti as an art portfolio. Or I may just delete it again cause it's a hassle. but I'm bored of not posting on here anymore! So, I will keep posting. :)

March 25, 2014

Meshing Around

This Spring, mesh will invade every trendy boutique. I saw it coming last year when it was starting to peep through on the runways in cutouts, and tumblr. Mesh is either something you're in love with or absolutely put off by. I happen to be obsessed. So I took the liberty of going to the fabric store and buying a few yards of this stuff and I've been mesh happy ever since! Here are a few of my creations. These pieces will be featured in my debut collection of LO&LITA in late June! :) So stay tuned