July 22, 2014


stripped bralette from F21, fur clutch from GEORGIA MAE DESIGNS

I've been contemplating what i wanted to do. I'm bored of not posting on here, I miss my blog. So I'll just stick to this. I've missed that seams lovely. I'm pretty fickle. But I just settled on sticking to what I love and that's my style blog :) I'm keeping Bekarti as an art portfolio. Or I may just delete it again cause it's a hassle. but I'm bored of not posting on here anymore! So, I will keep posting. :)

March 25, 2014

Meshing Around

This Spring, mesh will invade every trendy boutique. I saw it coming last year when it was starting to peep through on the runways in cutouts, and tumblr. Mesh is either something you're in love with or absolutely put off by. I happen to be obsessed. So I took the liberty of going to the fabric store and buying a few yards of this stuff and I've been mesh happy ever since! Here are a few of my creations. These pieces will be featured in my debut collection of LO&LITA in late June! :) So stay tuned 

March 12, 2014

ALISA Mag | Interview

I had the amazing opportunity of being interviewed by a new online magazine called ALISA MAG, a collective of inspirational photography and upcoming labels! Not only did they interview my personal style, but also about my upcoming label LO&LITA!
you can check out both interviews here my personal style interview starts at pg. 50 and the Lo&Lita one is on pg. 88, so happy to be apart of this great opportunity:)

March 7, 2014

Keep Me Wild

“Maybe some women aren't meant to be tamed. Maybe they just need to run free until they find someone just as wild to run with them.
-Carrie Bradshaw” 

February 23, 2014

Mercury II

disco two piece c/o ALEXMICHELEARTS

the weather has basically been summer weather instead of sweater weather. And in celebration of that, I decided to throw on this super snazzy set sent to me by the lovely Alex Michele, and do a photo shoot in the desert. And I did. with the help of my cool cat Kat. While we did this rad shoot, we started talking about how far we've come as a duo. From my first shoot with her, to this most recent. We've grown! So we decided to make a duo blog, Called- KITTY DRINKS BEKARDI basically it'll be our "behind the scenes" and overall inspiration, travel, etc. Basically a lifestyle blog. Check it out for more pics of this shoot, and others in the future! have a lovely day x

February 20, 2014


disco set c/o Alex Michele Arts 

so excited to shoot in this amazing set sent to me by the lovely AlexMicheleArts! She is a California based seamstress/designer and has the cutest sets! Check out her instagram @alexmichelearts

xoxo beka

February 17, 2014


i don't think I've ever really done an "obsessions" post before. But I think its time for me to start doing just that. I think these will be good "fillers" when I can't post an outfit. Anyway, My first obsession is 'Attitudes- ChloĆ©' the book is all about the founding of the famous and beloved label ChloĆ©, I don't know why I'm so obsessed with it even though I've literally only read the first few pages, in all honesty, I think its the smell of the book. Yeah, I'm one of those weirdos who likes the smell of paper and the weight of books even if I hardly read them. I just really love the feel and look of the book, oh my god I sound like a bookiphile. If thats a thing.. Anyway, My second obsession is my fragrance I got for Christmas 'Flowerbomb' by Viktor & Rolf, it smells like flowers exploded all over me and I can't stop spritzing it on everything. Then my third obsession is this homemade honey buns lotion my aunt gave me I have no idea why I love it so much it's just so sweet and tiny and handy and it makes me smell like I enjoy cooking sweets, eating sweets, and wearing sweets. But then again who doesn't right? The outfit in the middle are two pieces I made out of boredom. The top is the most simplest and most coolest thing I've made, literally its just a rectangle piece of non-pilling fleece with three holes in it. And the shorts were cut from hideous pants. Two crazy easy pieces that actually look really good. The next obsession is 'No Doubt' Push and Shove. Literally I can't stop listening to this song its on a loop. Who doesn't love Gwen though? So I'm not ashamed. And the last of all is American Horror Story. I'm so in love with this show I literally sit in my bed every night for 4 hours just watching it. I can't stop, I think I'm going insane. This show has possessed me. Okay I'm done being melodramatic. Hope you all enjoy my first "obsessions" post! I'd love to see  some of your obsessions link me to yours in the comments so I can check them out! xox